Building a Drawing Board

Today, We will build a plugin to add a drawing board to your website. Now the drawing board we will be building today is a simple one but adding more functionalities is just as easy. Before we begin, let me point out the prerequisite to this tutorial. You must have a little experience in JavaScript as well as Canvas API. Continue reading “Building a Drawing Board”


Caesar Cipher

We live in a world where privacy is the utmost importance to an individual, an organization or even a puppy (trust me on it). Gone were the  days when people used to hide their information in their little diaries and get scared when it get stolen. Now you could lose more than those few embarrassing moments. Continue reading “Caesar Cipher”

Beautiful CSS Buttons

Here we go again! Stuck at the CSS trying to make the content look good but alas nothing came to mind. It’s the most irritating time for a front-end developer. You have all the things you need but no attraction for the user.

So I have started preparing small snippets of code beautiful and elegant. Just include it in your code and you are good to go (or you could learn). You could also take a sneak peak at the end result here.

Continue reading “Beautiful CSS Buttons”


Hey Guys,

I wish Happy New Year to all and Hope your Christmas and New year was amazing. Now During the Christmas week and New Year, wordpress introduced a new feature to make your website christmas-sy. You could see snow falling from the sky or to the top of the website to be precise.

So in this tutorial, We will learn how that system is build and how does it work. Continue reading “HAIL JS”